Every things you need to know about WordPress on DreamHost

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress on DreamHost

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When it comes to Web Hosting, the most popular CRM is; WordPress. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system that organizes all of your business’s interactions and connections with current and potential customers. In general, a fully complete CRM is available with the WordPress CRM Plugin and integrates directly into your WordPress dashboard. It is available for free download and usage on your website, with the opportunity to add more features by purchasing add-ons like the WooCommerce, Invoicing, and Zapier extensions.

In fact, to build a wonderful WordPress site, it is mandatory to select web hosting. Therefore, in this article, I will walk you through the full guide about everything you need to know about WordPress on DreamHost.

Consequently, why is it definitely DreamHost?

DreamHost: Website Shared Hosting

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with website hosting, we’re looking for a cheap and dependable solution to host a WordPress website. I prefer to use the analogy of a car to illustrate this point since a car can appear great from the outside.
However, a bad engine makes the automobile impossible to drive. Similarly, regardless of the hosting package you select, your website will have the same appearance.
With DreamHost, things will be different behind the scenes, and you have three hosting alternatives to select from. Using WordPress, your hosting is shared.

DreamHost Shared Hosting: Plans and Prices

What is good to select shared hosting on DreamHost, you have 2 basic plans. Each plan has 3 payment methods, monthly, yearly, or 3 years.

DreamHost Shared Starter

DreamHost Starter Shared Hosting is a web hosting service provided by DreamHost, a popular web hosting company. It is designed for individuals, small businesses, and startups who are looking to create and host their websites on a shared server environment.

With DreamHost Starter Shared Hosting, you are allocated a portion of a server’s resources along with other users. This means that the server’s resources, such as CPU, RAM, and storage, are shared among multiple websites hosted on the same server.

Here are some key features of DreamHost Starter Shared Hosting:

  1. Shared Server Environment: Your website will be hosted on a server alongside other websites, sharing its resources with them.
  2. One-Click Installs: DreamHost provides an easy-to-use control panel that allows you to install popular content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal with just a few clicks.
  3. SSD Storage: DreamHost uses solid-state drives (SSDs) for storage, which offer faster performance compared to traditional hard disk drives (HDDs).
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: You have unlimited monthly data transfer, so you don’t have to worry about exceeding any bandwidth limits.
  5. Free Domain Name: DreamHost offers a free domain name for the first year with their hosting plans.
  6. Email Hosting: You can create and manage email accounts associated with your domain name, allowing you to have professional-looking email addresses (e.g., yourname@yourdomain.com).
  7. SSL Certificate: DreamHost provides a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, enabling secure communication between your website and its visitors.
  8. Customer Support: DreamHost offers 24/7 customer support through various channels such as live chat, email, and knowledge base.

DreamHost Shared Unlimited

DreamHost‘s Shared Unlimited plan is designed to provide unlimited resources for your website. It includes unlimited SSD storage, unlimited bandwidth, and the ability to host an unlimited number of websites on a single account. This plan is suitable for users who have larger websites, multiple websites, or anticipate high traffic.

In addition to the unlimited features, DreamHost shared hosting plans also include several other benefits such as a free domain name for the first year, free SSL certificate, unlimited email accounts, one-click installations for popular CMS platforms like WordPress, and access to DreamHost’s user-friendly control panel.

The shared hosting plans offered by DreamHost are ideal for individuals, bloggers, small businesses, and organizations that don’t require dedicated server resources and want an affordable hosting solution with the flexibility to host multiple websites.

DreamHost: Website VPS Hosting

Outwardly, DreamHost VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting is a hosting service provided by DreamHost that offers a more powerful and flexible hosting environment compared to shared hosting. With VPS hosting, you have dedicated resources and greater control over your hosting environment while still benefiting from the infrastructure management provided by DreamHost.

The featured Keys of DreamHost VPS Hosting

The DreamHost VPS Hosting has 8 amazing featured keys, which are defined as:

  1. Virtual Private Server: With VPS hosting, your website is hosted on a virtual server that operates independently of other users on the same physical server. This isolation ensures that the resources allocated to your VPS are dedicated to your website and not affected by other users’ activities.
  2. Scalability: DreamHost VPS Hosting allows you to easily scale your resources as your website grows. You can increase or decrease your server’s resources, such as CPU, RAM, and storage, based on your specific needs.
  3. Root Access: VPS hosting grants you root access to your virtual server. This level of access provides full control and allows you to customize your server’s configuration, install software, and make changes according to your requirements.
  4. SSD Storage: DreamHost utilizes solid-state drives (SSDs) for storage in their VPS hosting plans. SSDs offer faster read/write speeds, resulting in improved performance for your website.
  5. Full Server Management: DreamHost takes care of the underlying infrastructure, including server maintenance, updates, and security patches. This allows you to focus on managing your website and content without worrying about server management tasks.
  6. Dedicated IP Address: Each VPS hosting plan comes with a dedicated IP address, which is beneficial for various reasons such as better email deliverability, improved security, and easier SSL certificate installation.
  7. Multiple Operating Systems: DreamHost VPS Hosting supports various operating systems, including popular choices such as Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. This flexibility enables you to select the operating system that best suits your needs.
  8. 24/7 Customer Support: DreamHost provides 24/7 customer support through multiple channels, including live chat, email, and a knowledge base. Their support team is available to assist you with any technical issues or questions you may have.

In a nutshell, DreamHost VPS Hosting is suitable for businesses, organizations, and websites with higher resource requirements or specific customization needs. It offers a balance between the affordability of shared hosting and the control and flexibility of dedicated hosting.

DreamHost: Dreampress Hosting

Dreampress Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting service offered by DreamHost. It is specifically designed to provide optimized performance and convenience for WordPress websites. With Dreampress Hosting, DreamHost takes care of the technical aspects of managing a WordPress site, allowing you to focus on creating and managing your content.

The Featured key of Dreampress Hosting on DreamHost

Basically, there are 8 key features of Dreampress Hosting:

  1. Managed WordPress Environment: Dreampress Hosting provides a fully managed environment specifically optimized for WordPress. DreamHost takes care of server configuration, security updates, performance optimizations, and WordPress software updates, ensuring that your site runs smoothly.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Dreampress Hosting utilizes caching technology and server optimizations to deliver faster loading times for your WordPress site. These optimizations help improve the overall performance and user experience of your website.
  3. Automatic Backups: DreamPress Hosting includes automatic daily backups of your WordPress site. In case of any issues or data loss, you can easily restore your site to a previous working state.
  4. Pre-installed WordPress: When you sign up for Dreampress Hosting, WordPress is automatically installed and configured for you. This saves you time and simplifies the setup process, allowing you to get your website up and running quickly.
  5. WordPress-specific Support: DreamHost provides expert support for WordPress-related issues. Their support team is knowledgeable in troubleshooting WordPress-specific problems and can assist you with any technical difficulties you may encounter.
  6. Scalability: Dreampress Hosting allows you to easily scale your resources as your website grows. You can adjust the allocated resources, such as CPU and RAM, to accommodate increased traffic and ensure optimal performance.
  7. SSL Certificate: Dreampress Hosting includes a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, enabling secure communication between your website and its visitors. This is important for protecting sensitive information and improving trust with your audience.
  8. Developer-friendly Features: Dreampress Hosting supports popular WordPress development tools and features such as SSH access, WP-CLI (command-line interface for WordPress), and Git integration. These features cater to developers who require more advanced capabilities and flexibility.

Bottom Line: Dreampress

In short, Dreampress Hosting is an excellent choice for individuals, businesses, and organizations that prioritize ease of use, performance, and reliable support for their WordPress websites. By opting for Dreampress Hosting, you can offload technical responsibilities and focus on creating valuable content and growing your online presence.


In conclusion, DreamHost is an excellent company to buy your online businesses as web host plans. Basically, there are 3 famous plans to host your WordPress site includes, a shared website, VPS, and the Dreampress. If you are just a newbie, I recommend picking the shared hosted plan to build a WordPress for your customers.

On the other hand, you can upgrade to the Dreampress for more amazing features. While the VPS may work better for SAAS businesses.

If you want to migrate your WordPress to DreamHost for free, read this article:

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