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How To Make Money Online on Microtask Sites?

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I have requested to answer the questions about making money online for beginners. How can I earn money online without investing? How can I earn $2 daily using only my phone?

In reality, I received a lot of questions like the ones above, and typically, earning money online requires some experience and a budget to get started. But, to make like $2-$10 daily for free and using only your phone, is easy and available. And Honestly, I had made more than 500.00 dollars without engaging my website and using any experience. So, how can you make money online without having experiences and without spending any dollars?

Make Money Online Daily ($2 – $10)

Before creating my online business, I had spent more time finding where and how I can earn daily dollars without investing. As a result, I found that there are many, daily, and easy tasks that are available on microtask sites.

What is a Microtask?

A Microtask is a small job that requires a low level of skill and takes minimal time to be done.

As you can see in that image example of an easy Twitter Microtask which is available at $0.04.

You can tell me that $0.04 is a tiny deal, but the question is what if you can complete 100-200 tasks every day?

You can count 200 tasks in $0.04 equal $8. And frankly, these results made me earn a lot.

Here you can analyze the number of tasks I completed with the amount of money I earned.

How to join Microtask Sites?

Microtask sites do not require owning a website or adding a fund. While they are available for everyone worldwide. Moreover, workers start getting jobs immediately after signing up.

How Can I use my Phone to Submit Microtask jobs?

Microtask jobs are easy to be done and may require using only smartphones. But make sure that it would be better to use a laptop for more accessibility. Anyway, I had tasted doing Microtask jobs using my Android phone, and here are the good results on this YouTube tutorial video.

Workers may earn around $10 using only their smartphones.

How to withdraw your earnings?

The most important point is to know where to withdraw your earnings. It is not only on Microtask but also on all platforms.

In general, PayPal is the most used E-wallet around the world, because it is safe, fast, and secure. But, the side effect of using PayPal is not available in some regions like India, and it charges too many fees. For that reason, many platforms give more opportunities to withdraw money using alternative E-wallets like Airtm, Payoneer, and Bitcoin.

In This case, I prefer to use Airtm E-wallet which is also safe, fast, and secure, with low fee charging. In addition, you can realize from that video that I used to withdraw $100 to show you that Micro-Task can be the best platform for making money online as a beginner.

How to earn Money working on Microtask Sites?

Outwardly, Microtask sites are the place for two kinds of freelancers. As you know as a beginner you can only do tasks to get paid in the return. But, they are employers who post jobs on the platforms to lead workers for submitting the job. Therefore, it is a win-win strategy. But, posting jobs requires more experience to make more money online on the Micro Task Platforms.

What are the requirements for posting microtask jobs?

Before posting any job, users should have a fund to pay workers.

In order to post microtask jobs, I suggest watching this video to learn about rating workers, job categories, and fees.

What kind of Microtask jobs I should post?

The most category microtask and jobs found on the platform are typically reliable, which means not a scam. For example, employers refer workers to sign up, website marketing, and others.


Microtask sites can be the best source for grabbing some money online easily without investing. On the other hand, some freelancers are gaining real money through post jobs for workers. In short, as a beginner, Micro-Task platforms are suitable for you. While, if you want to earn more money, read about the top 9 digital products.

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