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How to Create a WordPress on NameCheap with 5 Simple Steps

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Many people don’t have a website yet, and when it comes to reality, they find some excuses behind finding a host and registering a new domain. Today, I will give you a special offer to start your WordPress site from scratch for 30 days without any commitment. In addition, we will use NameCheap to get the host and free domain name. So, what are the 5 simple steps to create WordPress Site on NameCheap?

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Signing to NameCheap Platform

First of all, it is required to register your account on NameCheap to get access to buy web hosting, domain name…etc. Simply, you need to put your email, and some extra pieces of information to verify your account. Once you become a member, you are able to create a WordPress site.

In fact, NameCheap gives 30 days as a free trial to get any hosting type to start over. This method requires you to put your billing information such as credit card, and PayPal without any cost. Just ensure you have 30 days to test and build your website and store. After ending your trial, then you should pay your month to rent the web hosting.

Anyway, I will focus on this tutorial on creating a WordPress site using 5 Simple Steps, and we actually finished the first step which took us to register and choose the web hosting type.

Choosing A Name for Your WordPress Website

In the second step, you have to choose a name for your WordPress website. A specific name that will define your target niche. This step is simple but frankly mandatory to highlight your business. The name of your website will be the title and related to your domain name as well as a logo for your business.

Also, ensure that you can change and replace the name of your website later after customizing a specific theme.

Finding A Specific Theme to Build Your WordPress Website

Choosing a theme is an optional step in the beginning. Because you may skip it and design your site later on. However, Choosing a specific theme will give you a key to start customizing your WordPress relating to the niche you are in.

Outwardly, there are plenty of freemium themes supported by WordPress, and you have to pick up anyone, install it, then activate it to start customizing your site to complete the third step.

Installing Useful Plugins

In this fourth step, also is optional to pick plugins and install them to boost your WordPress site. For example, the Woo Ecommerce plugin will give a store to put any products to start selling online inside your website. This matter is too simple, just install that useful plugin and start building a store or a shop for your business.

Getting your Website Online

In the last step, you have to review all 4 simple steps you passed before publishing your website online. In addition, everything can be edited and replaced anytime easily on your dashboard. Just click on Continue to see a Welcome page to WordPress.

After finishing those 5 simple steps, you are able to design your website the way you like.


In short, creating a WordPress Website on NameCheap is very simple and easier following only 5 steps. The general idea about publishing this tutorial with my audience is to help people get access to try WordPress site. Please note that you will get only 30 days, then you have to pay to continue. Moreover, you can simply cancel this trial before 30 days.

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