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How to Create a Free Website on WordPress

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Do you believe WordPress, like Blogger, offers free website services? Let us first learn about what is WordPress and see if we can build a free website to publish posts, articles, and ideas.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system developed in PHP that works in conjunction with a MySQL or MariaDB database. As well as, plugin architecture and a template system, known as Themes in WordPress, are among the features.

Apparently, after reading the whole definition of WordPress, we notice that is free…

It is creating a website on WordPress will not cost me a dollar to pay.

Well! Let us find out what it is inside.

How to make your free basic blog on WordPress?

First Step, let us browse on the web, and on the top welcomed page, click on  ‘create your website website and join millions of WordPress bloggers. And then, enter your Email Address, and name, and choose a strong password for better protection.

step 1

Choosing a Domain Name

Second Step, after giving your email, and name, now you should take a control of when you will choose a domain name. For instance, if you choose a domain such as – so that is free, while if it is only – so WordPress will host your domain free for one year, and upcoming years must be paid, as well, it will lead you to submit your account details payment. Therefore, it is up to you to go free directly from the beginning or either pay or cancel the order later on.

WordPress Free vs WordPress Pro

step 3

Third Step, after getting your hosted domain name, you are in the last step before publishing your website. Now again, you can go for totally free which comes with only 1 Giga. Or on the other hand, pay $15 monthly with WordPress Pro.

Of course, we will test the Free WordPress to create a website and with our financial advice, we recommend starting for free and then you may update later.

Okay! Let us suppose you took our financial advice at this point and started a free version WordPress website too.

Your website will be readily published after selecting 1 of 3 options that can be changed later.

And for example, if you click on the ‘Build Website’ option, it will lead you directly to customize a theme, logo, slogan…etc. Any option, you can choose and modify later.

And Finally! you have a website where you can publish your thoughts.

Free WordPress  ( Pros and Cons )

Beginners commonly inquire about how to choose between free and premium WordPress. And we always like to try things out for free first, then upgrade to the premium version. In general, having a free WordPress Website comes with only a few outdated themes, therefore you won’t be able to select wonderful themes till you upgrade. Furthermore, WordPress has many important freemium plugins that aid a lot of expanding websites, but unfortunately, you are not permitted to install them with the free edition. In addition, you have only 1 Gigabyte to store your data which considers the biggest drawback.

In another word, having a free website allows you to host a name of your website to publish articles, tell your friends, and share with others. Moreover, you can create your store as one option of three.

online store


Overall, if you want to start a genuine business, get a lot of traffic, and generate income, WordPress is not fully free. Moreover, there are 2 WordPress types; ( .com and .org ). If you are a newbie, you may still get a website with to learn how to publish content and adjust themes, menus, and so on. Following that, you will undoubtedly require the creation of a professional website with Premium WordPress, Namecheap, Vultr, Digital Ocean, Dreamhost, Bluehost…etc.

We recommend you to watch our video tutorials on YouTube, and this video about How to Create a Free Website with WordPress in 4 Minutes.


We hope this article has helped you learn how to create a free website with WordPress, and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below or in our Forum.

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