5 Tips to Monetize your Website

5 Golden Tips to Monetize Your Website

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Hello guys! It is 2024 and frankly, I may be surprising you by posting this video since I have published the last video powered by AI. Well, I’m still getting messages from followers about URL issues. To be honest with you guys, I am facing those problems even though my website is up to date and monetized by Google AdSense.

So today, I want to walk you through the top tips to know before monetizing your website quickly in 2024 to start making money by providing suitable ads on your content. Please stay tuned and follow me up.

Does Google AdSense Approve new Websites?

Tip number 1- you should realize at least that Google AdSense likely approves old websites after a deep review. Therefore, your website likely should be at least more than 6 months older.

Once you apply for it, ensure that the process usually takes a few days, but in some cases, it can take 2 to 4 weeks. Also, note that both the account and site need to be approved by AdSense before ads can start showing.

Shall a Domain Name align with the Content?

How does the alignment between a website’s domain name and its content play a crucial role in determining eligibility for running Ads, particularly concerning the AdSense approval process?

Basically, to give a specific answer to this question or technically for the tip number, I prefer to leave a note and adjourn the answer in the last line of this head.

Tip number 2 is a term for everyone to know the niche he/she publishes. For that reason, every blogger must realize that the domain name should combine the exact content. For example, if your domain name is bestcities2024.com it obviously means your content must be all about traveling or discovering the best cities and places in 2024 or in general talking about the present. On the other hand, if your domain name doesn’t combine the content, you should be aware that your website isn’t eligible for running Ads yet, and the AdSense team 90% will disapprove of your website.

As a result, it is important for a website’s domain name to align with its content, particularly concerning eligibility for running Ads and AdSense approval.

Another point before closing this tip and moving to the third one, take a look at my both active domain names which are hitutorial.com and emotioncrew.com, and see if they are both integrated.

URL must be available to Google

Why your website must be available to Google?

It is essential that your website must be available to Google and appears on the search bar. Your website which includes blog posts and pages like Contact Us and Privacy Policy must all be shown on Google engine which means are indexed. So, ensure that it may take some time I can tell you; days, weeks, or even months. Just be patient about your content

Crawl Your Website before giving it to AdSense

There are a lot of free websites and tools which you can crawl your website for free. According to this golden tip, I recommend everyone to use ahrefs.com which is one of the best SEO tools.

Therefore, you are required to review your website by yourself before letting AdSense do that. This review should be doing as you in the mirror. So you can clearly discover the flaws and mistakes you are making, and you can repair errors and change things that are required to count before someone else sees it and judges you.

Create a Google AdSense

Tip number 5- Ensure that your AdSense account is 100% correct.

If you have more than 1 account on AdSense, they will reject your application, and that is transparent according to their policy. If your current account is doubtful you just deactivate it and create the right one.

So guys I think that those 5 golden tips you must follow to put your website correctly according to the Google AdSense policy. Please follow all the tips I have published with you and you can read more articles related to this content.

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