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Why Isn’t My Website Getting Organic Traffic?

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Many Bloggers build professional websites, write excellent articles, and publish pages. But, they don’t get any organic views from Google. The main reason they give up sooner. Personally, I had the same issue in the beginning and thought of giving up being a blogger. But, when I did a full review of my website, I have started fixing all issues that blog my articles by showing up on the search engines. Then, I discovered that many of my website URLs are not on Google, as well as are not indexed. 

So, I bet that you too are having the same issues. And you are available to resolve it in order to start getting organic traffic from Google or any other browsers.

Make sure if your website starts displaying on search engines, I guarantee you will get organic views. Therefore, here are 3 methods that you should follow!

1- Test your website URLs

In the first method, you have to make a test to check if your website is on Google, or not. To do that, open a new incognito window, and type on the search bar the word ( site: ) followed by your site URL like in this example;

checking if your site displaying on google search

If you get the result of your website pages, it is a good point. While if you get nothing, which means your website is unknown by Google. Here are 2 photos as examples.

why my website is not found on Google

2- Sign in to Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a free service provided by Google that allows you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot the visibility of your website in Google Search results. After signing in to Google Search Console, you will be able to discover your website performance, analytics, and any other beneficial services. But, in this article, I prefer to keep things simple to highlight on fixing issues for bringing organic traffic.

A- Test your Website URLs lively

Inside of your Google Search Console, click on the URL inspection button to test your site pages. Here you must add links correctly like that;

Potentially, you may get results like this example:

URL is Not on Google

The URL is not on Google means, Google doesn’t know this page. But, what if you test this URL lively?

Click on the Test Live URL button to check results lively by Google.

URL is on Google

If you got a result exactly like this one, which means your page is on Google, and it can appear in Google search results if it is indexed. Therefore, you can request indexing. But, what if you got a different result like this one?

URL is not available to Google

URL is not available to Google means that the page is not indexable. Pages that have not been indexed cannot be served by Google.

Now, You may figure out why isn’t your website getting organic traffic?!

B- Adding Sitemaps

Sitemaps are important for SEO because they help Google find your site’s pages, because Google ranks web PAGES, not just websites. Therefore, I recommend adding sitemaps to make Google quickly index your pages.

Make sure that XML Sitemaps are HTML, and they must be like that;

C- Request Indexing

After adding XML Sitemaps, it is time to tell Google to show your pages on the search results by request indexing. But don’t hurry to submit an indexing request for your homepage, until your pages are well linked among themselves. Then, Google should be able to find all your pages from your home page.

3- Adding your Website to SEO Tools

There are multiple SEO sites and tools available to assist you in crawling your website and identifying all page errors that should be fixed for improved performance. Moreover, there are highly recommended.

I personally, suggest 3 SEO sites to use for free as a beginner.

A- Ahrefs

Signing up here grants you access to Ahrefs Webmaster Tools, our solution to fix URL isn’t on Google. It is entirely free.

Crawling your site using Ahrefs for Free

B- Seobility

Seobility examines your entire website by crawling all linked pages. All discovered pages with errors, and issues with on-page optimization. Also, it is free to sign up.

C- ContentKing

ContentKing monitors your website 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can spot unexpected changes and issues before search engines and visitors do. It gives you 7 days as a trial.

Those 3 SEO sites that I used to crawl my website and find errors.


Getting organic traffic to your website may be difficult. As a result, never rush to post articles or publish pages. Google always prefers to display good content in search results. If you can resolve all website issues, your website will generate a lot of traffic. Then, will be able to get your site monetizing and start making money.

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