How To Make A Free Website With WordPress - Porkbun's step-by-step guide

Make A Free Website With WordPress on Porkbun

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Do you want to build a WordPress website you can be proud of, but the main barrier is the ongoing, recurrent cost?

Because hosting plans are pricey and you cannot afford to pay for them, many people choose Blogger instead. However, you have a great opportunity to call it a free website with 5 gigabytes of space and other amazing features in addition to the free plan that we cover for you. So, how to make a free website with WordPress on Porkbun?

Getting your Domain Name

Before we start giving the steps and details to make a free website with WordPress, there is a necessary tip you should know first.

Outwardly, you should own a domain name to make a WordPress website for you. A domain name may cost you $1 for the first year. In addition, you are able to register a domain name on Porkbun. On the other side, if you have a registered domain on other platforms such as Godaddy and NameCheap, you can transfer it.

Starting your Free WordPress Forever

Right now, by registering a domain name, you are able to start making a WordPress website for free forever. First, visit and click on the top menu on ”free WordPress”. After, scroll down to find the Free WordPress button. This is a gate to find a new domain name for registering. On the other hand, if you already have a registered one, you can go to your dashboard and support your domain with free WordPress. Just ensure that both ways have the same method.

Let’s follow the second way to make things more clearly and build a stunning WordPress website for free.

To do that, go to your domain management to reach your domain list setups. You will find next to your domain names many Buttons including WordPress, Email, Renew…etc. Just click on the WordPress button to continue landing on the page that will lead you to the ”Direct Login Admin”. This simply will lead you to log in to your WordPress website.

Installing a Specific Theme to Your WordPress Website

Right now, you are able to install a specific theme for your WordPress website depending on your niche. In fact, this free plan allows you to access all themes, and also you have 5 GB of disc space.

Porkbun’s Free WordPress: Pros and Cons

The pros and cons of something are its advantages and disadvantages, which you consider carefully so that you can make a decision. However, the only cons or disadvantages of making a WordPress site on Porkbun is you need to register a domain name. And probably you may dislike that this free method comes with an ad footer by the company. On the other hand, Porkbun gives many additional features including 5 GB of disc space, a dedicated PHP process, and 64 Gb of max memory limit. Those features are absolutely the pros and advantages to make the right decision and making a stunning WordPress website for free.


In short, to give a conclusion for this article, making a WordPress for free on Porkbun has many advantages which may add to your career and a chance to discover WordPress and build a site for your business for 100% free.

There is a video published on YouTube by our team, so we suggest watching it to follow the steps.

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