learn how to make money online with ShareASale affiliate marketing program

How To Use ShareASale Affiliate Marketing

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Making money with the affiliate marketing program is one income source you can generate through your content and your audiences for sure. ShareAsale is one the best and most well-known affiliate marketing network company located in the United State of America in Illinois. So, how to join the ShareASale affiliate program? and how to make money as an affiliate marketer with ShareASale?

In this article, I will show you how I make money online with the ShareASale affiliate marketing program.

If you are ready, let’s get started!

How to Join ShareASale Affiliate Program

If you currently have content (e.g., a blog, editorial, or social media) with a fair amount of followers or traffic but aren’t engaging in affiliate marketing, it’s time to reconsider taking the opportunity and generating a monthly income with the ShareASale affiliate marketing program.

The matter will take off from you around 10 minutes or maybe less to join the ShareASale affiliate program. But before that, make certain that you already owned a blog or a YouTube channel. All affiliates must have a live, content-rich website or social media profile that is devoid of hate speech and pornographic content. You must also own and manage the website via which you apply to ShareASale.

How to apply to the ShareASale affiliate program?

Applying to the ShareASale affiliate program requires 3 steps:

First, go to shareasale.com, and click on affiliate sign up.

Second, create a username, and password, and select your country.

how to join the ShareASale affiliate program

last, submit your website information for your ShareASale account.

Make sure the application itself will take probably 5-10 minutes to complete. Once the application is complete, the staff will analyze it and notify you through email whether it is approved. Depending on the kind of application, this might take 1 to 3 business days. Additionally, you will receive a welcoming message like the one displayed in the example below. Just, focus on your website even if it is Blogger will be accepted.

an example approved message after joining ShareASale affiliate program

And here is my YouTube tutorial video about ShareASale!

Making Money Online with The ShareASale

Basically, there are three ways to earn money with the ShareASale affiliate marketing program.

1- Earning per sale

As an affiliate member, you will receive a commission ( 20%-70%) anytime a customer or visitor purchases a product or program after clicking on the affiliate link or the banner you have placed on your website.

2- Earning per lead

Many merchants pay affiliates when they refer customers to their websites or just join up without purchasing any things, and it is called a lead. As a result, you may earn a commission by directing users through your affiliate links.

3- Earning per click (EPC)

Being paid per click EPC when you place banners on your site in the same way that Google Ads are displayed However, most merchants demand 100 clicks in 7 days or a whole month to receive a commission. But, here, you may get paid when a sale comes with a click. And it is not like Google AdSense as well.

Generating Income with ShareASale

Joining Programs ( Merchants )

After you getting approved, there are strategies you should know if you want to generate a monthly income inside of ShareASale. Because, the bad news is those merchants are not only simple to get started with, but you also get to choose which companies and products to promote and share with your audience.

In general, while applying to programs, ensure that you will be reviewed before being approved or denied. And there are categories you should consider before applying:

  • Auto-Approval: Yes

Some kind of programs will accept your application right away.

the example of program that accept your application immediately on ShareASale
  • Auto-Approval: No

Many merchants will review your application before accepting or refusing to see if your website, content, and audience really match the product you are going to promote.

the example of merchants that are going to review your application on ShareASale
  • Auto-Approval: Country

Some vendors demand you to be in specific countries in order to accept or decline you. However, you can still contact them to negotiate.

  • Day Cookie: up to 30 Days

Web Cookies are used to provide a variety of targeted digital marketing campaigns. They save user data and activity information, allowing advertising providers to target audience groups based on criteria such as age. Gender.

Tracking cookies can be stored for up to 30 days, allowing visitors you recommend plenty of opportunities to make a purchase. More than 10% of those who try our site make a purchase!

an example of merchants that require being in specific countries on ShareASale

Promoting Products with ShareASale

How do Merchants pay you?

When it comes to promote products on ShareASale, it requires you to select your targeted niche and topic. For example, I personally promote Namecheap programs which pay me a commission whenever I make a sale, as well as pay me per 100 clicks (EPC).

ShareASale earning commissions example

As you can see in the example above Namecheap paid me a $11.06 monthly commission. While EPC was $0 because I only hit 8 clicks knowing that the total must be 100 clicks per month.

How to Promote Products to earn money?

When it comes to promote products on ShareASale, there are many kinds of promoting depends on your content.

  • Promoting via Newsletters

Newsletter marketing is the process of sending instructional and product-focused content to a subscriber list of potential and existing customers via an emailed letter.

  • Promoting via Videos

YouTube is one of the best-promoting sites and an example of promoting products via creating videos to lead viewers to purchase your promo code and referral links affiliate marketers include in the Description section.

  • Promoting via Banners

Promoting products via banners and codes is one of my favorite ways. You can promote by using banners and codes located in your account under LINKS > COUPONS/OFFERS > GET A LINK/BANNER and LINKS.

promoting via banners on ShareASale

And you can put banners on your website that will display like Google Ads.

Withdrawing your Earning on ShareASale

Affiliate marketers can select to be paid via check, with a $50 minimum payment threshold. If they like, they can change this to a greater payment trigger amount. This is done around the middle of their modify settings page. Affiliates can be paid by ACH direct deposit or wire transfer as well.

But, the best way to withdraw your earnings is via Payoneer. Apparently, Payoneer is a popular B2B international payments platform, that enables us to pay Affiliates in over 200 countries and 150 currencies with ease.

how to withdraw your earnings from ShareASale

However, your payments from Payoneer to MasterCard may be transferred in 1 hour.


In summary, ShareASale is a reputable renowned website with two decades of expertise and over 50,000 merchants in various areas and sectors. It has also been regarded as a trustworthy source of internet revenue. It’s simple to use, explore, and find hundreds of retailers. As a result, it is one of the greatest places to earn a large commission of up to $100 every day.

On the other side, if ShareASale doesn’t approve you, reapply later on, and join the top 9 digital marketing programs to get approved immediately.

I hope this article helps you to promote your niche market programs and generate a nice income. Also, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

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