how to get more views and subscribers using ChatGPT

How to Get More Views and Subscribers with ChatGPT

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Are you struggling with getting YouTube views and Subscribers? In Fact, YouTube Algorithm has become very difficult to rank at the top of your video on the search bar. Without the audience, it may be hard. However, it is not impossible and complicated. Because, right now, we are able to get more views and subscribers by using ChatGPT.

Personally, it was very difficult for me to boost my YouTube channel by getting more views and subscribers. Even though I relied on the vidIQ SEO tool. However, it is not still enough to push videos, to be honest. Because, when I first started creating content, there were no such Ai brilliant tools like chatGPT, the main reason I was struggling to make my videos go viral. Not just myself, but many other YouTube content creators, have experienced this issue. Moreover, there are many creators still looking forward to hitting 1,000 YouTube Subscribers in order to monetize their channels and start making money online.

Therefore, in this article, I will show you how you can use ChatGPT to increase your views. In addition, you will learn about YouTube tricks step-by-step to get more subscribers.

Before getting started, if you want to get a definition of ChatGPT, getting 1,000 and 4,000 watch hours on youtube, read more in the articles below:

Searching the Most Trending Topic on YouTube

In the beginning, you have to understand that the YouTube algorithm has changed. The Big YouTubers know about that and take the matter easily. But, the issue is affecting only small creators and beginners, who just took their first step on the platform. You have to realize that we are in 2023; the new era of the artificially intelligent (AI) generations. And the last 3 years, the YouTube algorithm was totally different than today. This means, people (viewers) always look for something new, unique, and great to watch and like. So, think about that before creating and uploading any video.

Therefore, as YouTube content creators, we should search for the most trending topic. The topic that will really impress and attract visitors. Also, the topic must match your niche making sure you can create many videos. I recommend everyone here to search for the most trending topic and catchy titles that impress viewers. And, We should be grateful for ChatGPT for now since it demonstrates the potential of AI to eliminate SEO in the future. The chatbot can help us create many videos in a short time.

How can ChatGPT Create videos for YouTubers?

In fact, ChatGPT isn’t developed to make videos based on any coding languages. However, it guides users to reach their thoughts by generating facts. And I’m particularly not pretty sure if there are some hidden tricks and hacks about using chatGPT. But, for me, it is too simple that I can rely on chatGPT to generate a full idea about creating videos.

Before that, you have to focus on the niche market you are in. Let’s take Fitness as an example. As we know, this niche is popular and is taken by many YouTubers. However, it is not too late to start a channel about fitness in 2023.

Asking ChatGPT to give you Catchy Titles

I’m going to use a live direct chat on openAi to show you how we may ask ChatGPT to generate titles for YouTube video topics. By the way, all those results in the image below are just an example generated and shared with you.

generate youtube titles by ChatGPT

When you ask ChatGPT about something, it starts generating immediately. You can see that in the image. So, we have 10 Catchy YouTube titles about fitness. And let’s take the number 6 “Get Fit at home: No Equipment needed”

Asking ChatGPT to generate a script for a YouTube video

After finding a catchy title for a YouTube video, it is time to find a script to build wonderful content. And simply, take a look at the image proof below.

how to generate a video script using ChatGPT

Again, I asked ChatGPT to generate a YouTube script for the title we chose in the previous step, and here is the result. There is an intro, 5 segments, and an outro. So, if you are able to make a video talking about that showing your face working out, and explaining the topic and exercise for viewers, it would be nice.

On the other side, you can use artificial intelligence tools to create an Ai amazing video. You can use, Pictory Ai, and Synthesia for creating perfect youtube videos.

Using ChatGPT to generate a description for this video

Let’s suppose that we already created and uploaded the video using the Ai generated script by ChatGPT. So, we still need to get a description and tags. While the title was chosen as the first step.

Once again, I will keep this chat until completing all steps related to how to get more views and YouTube Subscribers using ChatGPT.

YouTube Description

asking chatGPT for generating youtube description

And here is the YouTube description for the video. It is short and simple. You can ask for more, or regenerate other words.

YouTube tags

What’s more, YouTube Tags are also useful and recommended. As a result, ChatGPT can generate them for us.

generate YouTube tags by ChatGPT

YouTube Thumbnail

After, placing YouTube tags and a description, the thumbnail is also mandatory. But, as I mentioned before, I’m unable to understand coding to generate images. Overall, I can use chatGPT to reach for ideas quickly and to get what I’m asking for. So, you also can use chatGPT to get catchy ideas for YouTube Thumbnails.

Also, see this image after requesting a thumbnail for the YouTube title.

can chatGPT make YouTube thumbnails

Increasing Views and Subscribers with ChatGPT

Actually, ChatGPT isn’t designed to create or modify things for us. However, it improves our situation, by generating titles, scripts, tags…etc. Furthermore, based on the order, it generates an AI description rather than copyrighted words.

how chatGPT can increase views and Subscribers on YouTube

And here I’m sharing with you my YouTube channel analytics in the last 28 days after using ChatGPT. You can see both my YouTube views and Subscribers are increased more than usual. Besides, I’m not uploading too many videos weekly! Approximately, I’m publishing 2 videos per week.

Therefore, this is how ChatGPT can increase views and Subscribers. Because right now, we are able to make wonderful videos easily and quickly. To make your YouTube channel viral, publish only great content constantly.

On the other side, ChatGPT may kill some YouTube SEO tools such as vidIQ, and TubeBuddy. Because you can realize that by seeing its power.

Additionally, I used to create and edit my YouTube videos, which helped me gain more viewers and subscribers.

Bottom Line

ChatGPT can make your YouTube channel viral by increasing more views and Subscribers. Just get find the best topic for your niche, and use ChatGPT to:

  • Generate catchy YouTube Titles
  • A script for a YouTube video
  • A description of the video
  • Generate YouTube Tags
  • Get a YouTube idea for the thumbnail.


In order to sum up this interesting post and provide a clear understanding, ChatGPT is the most popular topic in 2023 and may eventually replace SEO and many other tools. Additionally, ChatGPT can assist us in boosting YouTube views and subscribers. To learn more, you can also put it to the test.

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